January 13, 2020

Update on today. While the CT scan was read as a bowel obstruction by two different radiologists, they are saying they don’t actually think Beckett has one since clinically he isn’t showing the normal symptoms. The scan did show some bladder wall thickening so we have sent multiple urine samples and I’m still waiting to hear if he has a UTI, which they said would be uncommon. He did appear a little dehydrated so he’s been getting fluids and tonight he finally ate some food around 8 and drank a large amount of water. That was a huge plus. He spent some time with dad today while I snuck in about two hours of sleep and then he slept most of the afternoon and evening. He still seems to have quite a bit of pain when he is up and moving and especially coughing, which he has a nasty one right now, but the pain seems controlled with regular doses of ibuprofen. We did spend a little bit of time doing some homework papers (thank you Mrs. Holder for sending them) which I think has helped ease his anxiety about missing school and tomorrow the Riley teacher is supposed to come work on some more. So, at the end of the day we didn’t really get any answers. We will see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for all the support!

3 thoughts on “January 13, 2020

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Thanks for the update… Continuing to pray!

  2. Aunt Raelyn says:

    Glad to hear an update! We are all praying!

  3. PATSY Ann Bryant says:

    Good morning, Beckett! As I am praying for you today, guess what? Mrs. Bryant has been away from school, too,…because I have been sick! You and I are going to get MUCH better with no pain AND lots of energy again! Soooo….keep doing what the doctors tell you to do, AND enjoy some school time with your Riley teacher! Mrs. Holder will be quite proud of you, too! Loving you, Beckett Man! Looking forward to our next Friday Bus “meeting!”
    ~Mrs. Patsy Bryant

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