January 14, 2020

Tonight we are sleeping in our own beds. Today Beckett was much more himself and was moving around without pain. He only had mild pain when coughing. A sweet friend and former coworker brought breakfast and then stayed for hours while Beckett did homework, played numerous games of bingo with us, in which she perpetually lost, sorry Kelsey, and then even took him to the playroom. Such a fun morning into the afternoon and Beckett begged for her to come home with us. Before we agreed to being discharged, we did ask for a chest X-ray since Beckett has had a bad wet cough, which they obliged. It said a possible developing pneumonia but when cardiology looked at it they said it was nothing they think needed treatment. So, Beckett’s official discharge diagnosis was viral syndrome. So simple. So common. It is an abrupt and painful reminder that Beckett, a kid with congenital heart disease, truly is medically fragile and the smallest thing can turn his health upside down. We continue to thank God that he has brought Beckett through each and every health challenge, and with each time in the hospital we are acutely aware that there will probably be more down the road. But tonight we will relish in the fact that we are back under one roof. The brothers could not have been more excited as they were literally sitting on top of each other on the couch, leaning their heads on each other, saying they missed each other, and then Milo leaned in and unprompted, asked Beckett if his belly was feeling better. The precious boys! Thanks all for following Beckett’s journey and for continuing to support us as a family. And a special thanks to Mrs. Holder and her class who left a package full of get well letters on our porch today. We appreciate each and every one of you, and could not survive these days without you!

3 thoughts on “January 14, 2020

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Oh my… Praising the Lord with you as you are all home and together as a family again. Thanks for letting us know. So glad that Beckett will be fine. Count on continued prayers for your family, daily – as always!

  2. Bernadette Giacona says:

    Are you serious THANK YOU for keeping us updated he is one of our family even though I don’t comment I save your emails, I visit your page I pray every time I get one. I thank God for each normal event. Thank yo to Kathy for putting you in my life so I can also help and share and pray. Much love.

  3. PATSY Ann Bryant says:

    Thank you, JESUS! Welcome home, EVERYONE! Hope to see you Friday, Beckett, for our brief bus “meeting.”

    ~P. Bryant

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