January 8, 2013

UPDATE (1/8/13)

Well, it’s a little after 1:00pm right now and we have just been informed that they will be taking Beckett to the Cath Lab to take more accurate images of Beckets chest/heart. They want to get a better look with hopes to find why Beckett doesn’t seem to ‘want’ to come off of Ecmo completely. There is concern the shunt they put in may have a clot. There are minimum risks to this step, yet there are always risks. Additionally, there is a chance they may not find anything wrong in which they may not then know how to proceed. This is yet another trying time for Beckett, Leah and myself. Maybe it’s just exhaustion, or maybe it’s exhaustion and this ‘one more thing’ lil Beckett now has to go through that has worn us out. We need continual prayer and support (as you all have been so gracious and generous to give). Thank you! (I’ll try to send another update later tonight.) — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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