January 8, 2013

UPDATE (1/8/13) -goodnight-

Wow, what a day! We woke up this morning prepared for another day of weaning and ended with a trip to the Cath Lab (it takes about 10 people to move Beckett) a trip to the OR for surgery (#2 now), then back to the PICU (a different room this time) to conclude the evening. Beckett is doing ‘ok’, taking into consideration all that has taken place today for that lil man. He is bleeding some right now (which we are being told is expected when coming from surgery), so the plan for the night is to lessen (or stop) the bleeding and get him stable once again. We are being told that they really want to try to pull him off of Ecmo tomorrow though (which we are so excited about, yet quite scared for). Please pray that he has a ‘good’ night, and a great/successful day tomorrow. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy… And as always, the prayers and support are A.MAZ.ING! Bless you all, have a good night! — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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