January 17, 2013

UPDATE (1/17/13)

Beckett had an interesting night. Late last night, while we were still in his room, Beckett played a new game with us and DROPPED his heart rate to about 65….that definitely through us for a loop. Afterwards, his fluctuations began again, but this time between the 60s and 200s (which is certainly not ideal). He periodically continued these fluctuations throughout the night (which successfully destroyed any attempt to sleep well).

This morning, Beckett had a MRV (similar to an MRI), to get a better look at the clot in his brain (we’ll hopefully receive the results of that later today), but overall we are content with the minimal findings of any complications in his brain.

He’s currently resting at a heart rate of about 100. Though we rather see it resting at around 120, the Doctors are saying that we’d rather have a resting heart rate that’s a lil low than that sporadic heart rhythm we were seeing yesterday (which obviously makes sense). We hope to endure an uneventful day (other than all the transportation stuff from this morning), and I fully intent to post a really boring update later tonight. 😉 Hope that helps explain most of our ‘current affairs’. Blessings to y’all. Romans 8:28 — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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