January 21, 2013

UPDATE (1/21/13) -goodnight-

It’s been another great day. After ’rounds’, one of Beckett’s doctors said, ‘It’s time to start power-weaning!’. Our first thoughts were something like, ‘ummm, ok….here we go again’. They turned down some of his ventilator settings quite a lot this morning, and he handled it like a champ……sooo, they turned him down some more. The original intent was to have him Extubated by Friday (as I mentioned in my earlier post), but they are now saying possibly tomorrow or Wednesday! With that being said, we have learned our lesson that Beckett will go at his pace and is not shy to remind us who is in control (he’s got quite the attitude….I think he gets that from his mom ;-)). Soooo, as I said, another great day! We even had a friend visit from Illinois, along with constant messages, posts, and words of encouragement from so many of you who’ve been reading these updates. We even heard that the infamous Ivanhoes MIGHT have a Blue Ribbon fastened out front of their store…we’re hoping for free Ice Cream for life for lil Beckett. j/k (I’m trying to intentionally cut the proverbial tension developed over the past few weeks by lightening the tone a lil with this update) We are very pleased, yet each beep in his room, whether ‘serious’ or not, still quickly raises our brows. It’s quite funny to watch the nurses ‘fight’ to be put with Beckett for their shift….he’s already stealing all the ladies’ hearts.

And as always, thank you all for all the prayers and support! This journey would have been horribly lonely and discouraging without each of you.

I’d like to attempt to quickly do a brief ‘shout-out’ of thanks: our ‘Detroit’ Friends and Family (Evident, Vox, Apple, Bridgeway, DMC, UDM, etc..), Gaylord, Archbold, EMC/FEC, Chicago, Wheaton College, Bethel College, The Castle, Taylor University, Upland, Miracle Camp, LCS, St Joe’s, even all those we’ve actually never met all across the country and even around the globe, and certainly our close family and friends (…and all who I’m missing, in which I’m so sorry). Thanks to you all!! Lets keep this progress going….Go Beckett! — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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