January 22, 2013

UPDATE (1/22/13)

I’ll begin by saying that we had another good night. We were presented with news this morning that they may attempt to Extubate Beckett sometime today, however, after ’rounds’, the doctor decided to just really wean him down to bare-bones on his ventilator and then try to Extubate him tomorrow. All the nurses seem very excited about this for us, and though we too are excited, this is yet another ‘crutch’ for Beckett that we are nervous to take away. However, taking into consideration our hesitation, we really are very excited to see our son’s entire face once again without all the tape and tubes.

This is the update thus far….it’s been a nice uneventful, slow-progress type of day.

Matthew 11:28-29 — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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