January 22, 2013

UPDATE (1/22/13) -goodnight-

Beckett’s had another good day (so far). We had more friends and family come visit again, and a relaxing afternoon/evening of just holding him…even Grandma got a chance this time.

The current buzz around here is that the Extubation may commence ‘early morning’ tomorrow morning. …..wow…..what an exciting next step! We have been warned that this may not be successful the first time (that just happens). Which reminds me: Please pray for some friends of ours we’ve met here whose son has Leukemia. They have certainly had there ups and downs (like us), and have attempted to Extubate their son (Henry) 3 times (3rd time today), and he just isn’t ready yet. Though they still have options, this can be very disheartening. Please keep them in mind and in your prayers as they work through this as a family. They have been very supportive of us during our journey, and we certainly would like to reciprocate!

(lastly, stay tuned as we are putting together a lil website for Beckett…for all those who’d like to follow outside of Facebook) — with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

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