February 2, 2013

UPDATE (2/2/13)
Welcome back to what some have labeled ‘the never ending saga’. We did not receive a phone call last night, which is typically a promising sign that Beckett had a good night. However, we were greeted this morning with the news that Beckett did race his heart rate up last night to about 200 (which is certainly not desired) for nearly 2 hours. Though we could have received much worse news than that (#perspective), this update was fairly discouraging. We aren’t really sure yet just how much of a ‘set back’ this is, but it is obviously not the news we wanted to hear. Clearly our desire is for continual progress, and not necessarily the ‘Beckett Standard’ of a few steps forward and one step back. This is a ‘gentle’ reminder that we are not done yet, and a new chapter that will include it’s own set of obstacles and hurdles. The message that is ‘easier said than done’ is to remind ourselves just how far we’ve come and all the glorious victories we’ve experienced within the last few weeks. Not one person said this would be easy, so our perspective should be properly set for this bumpy road….just sometimes weakness is a natural byproduct of our trying times.

At this point I feel as if I’m just venting and not necessarily writing anything informative.
Sooooo….please pray for peace, healing and perseverance while normal life tries to squeeze in and priorities are all the more difficult to properly balance/juggle.
…….thank you

— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at St. Vincent’s Womens Hospital.


One thought on “February 2, 2013

  1. Dear Jonny and Leah — you don’t know me (well, Leah may have met me once or twice), but I connected to Beckett’s and your story through mutual friends. I’m not sure why I connected as strongly as I did, but I have been following the story, faithfully praying, and even occasionally commenting on facebook.Today I felt the need to respond, especially to the comment “I’m just venting…”

    We are walking beside you and with you. You are more than welcome to vent. While we welcome — sometimes joyously! — information, we really do want to know how all of you are doing.

    Please know, that as deeply intense and sometimes terrifying as this journey has been for you, and as much as you all need our prayers, you are also ministering to those of us who follow you on Facebook or blog or whatever. We benefit, (some of us very much), by being reminded that as we face our own fears of experiences that will take us far beyond ourselves and our own ability to cope, that Jesus will hold us and walk us through and provide for us as He has done for you.

    What a miracle that even in our neediest times, that God not only provides but also shows that we are instruments in His hands, as long as we continue to let Him be the breath that fills us. What a “God thing,” too, that you two and Beckett are totally loved even by people you don’t know.

    In Him!
    Michelle Takehara

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