March 8, 2013

UPDATE (3/8/13)We came in the room to see a friendly/familiar face. One of his primary nurses was back again taking care of him. She was excited to tell us the tentative plan for the day. She said that Beckett will be getting his Spinal Tap today and possibly Extubated if his GAS score came back favorable. For me personally, I immediately began to guard and work to properly set my expectations.

As the day unfolded, I would receive texts from Leah on how he was doing because I set up camp in the hospital lobby once again to do my studies, pay bills, write emails, etc. etc. etc…

Leah eventually text me that they were going to do the Spinal Tap. I was texting with a friend today just how crazy these ‘lil’ (literally) operations are. I (and even Leah) cannot believe how they do IVs, Spinal Taps, HEART SURGERIES, etc on these little babies. But here we sit once again with our son’s health in the hands of another Doctor. After lunch we returned with the pleasing news that the Spinal Tap went very smoothly. We are still waiting, however, to hear the results of the Spinal Tap, but we are thrilled it went well.

So I went back down to my ‘office’ to once again receive notifications from Leah on how he’s doing. She eventually text me, ‘They are going to take the tube out.’ I believe my response was ‘What?!?!’. Turns out they let Leah stay in the room and she actually captured it on video…it was pretty cool to watch.

Soooo, here we sit. Leah is to my left journaling, and I’m pounding out this update with Beckett laying directly in front of me without that stupid tube down his throat (it’s obviously not really stupid….once again, a ‘necessary evil’). I have mixed emotions of relief and fear. We (probably you guys too) have been trained to expect bumps in the road. However, even though that is an ingrained emotion, I choose to believe and desire smooth sailing ahead (right?). All of me wants to protect my expectations from disappointment, but I choose to fully engage in the mindset of a full recovery that I know my God is fully capable of providing and blessing us with.

On a quick ‘Medical Update/Recap’ note:
– The results of Urine Culture came back negative…yay!
– His Spinal Tap went smooth, but we are still waiting on those results
– He is on Antibiotics for E.Coli for 10 days
– He got Extubated!!!!! (again)
– The Infectious Disease Nurse Practitioner said he’s looking better than she even thought he would.

And lastly, a huge thank you to the Gaylord, MI Bob Evans Fund Raiser. I haven’t heard the results of that yet, but I was told that the Bob Evans in Gaylord, MI was giving 15% of all their gross sales for their entire day to the Beckett Jude Rupp Benefit Fund. ….that’s just amazing! So again, thank you so much for doing, organizing, eating, tipping, and paying 😉 today! So cool!

1 Chronicles 16:11&12
“Look to The Lord & His strength; seek His face always, remember the wonders He has done!”

— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp a tSt. Vincent’s Women’s Hospital.

One thought on “March 8, 2013

  1. Hi! I work at the Christian School in Gaylord, and I have been praying for Beckett every day. We ate at Bob Evan’s tonight, and I’ll tell you…it was crowded!!! Lots of love up here for your little guy!
    Lynnet Burney

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