March 9, 2013

UPDATE (3/9/13)

The title of this update is pretty self-explanatory. Beckett is getting REintubated right now. We came in the room and they were turning him up his VapoTherm from 2 liters to 3 liters. They then turned him up to six and later to eight liters. He seemed quite restless, so Leah eventually picked him up and his oxygen dropped even lower. The Doctor then came in and gave us the results of an x-ray they did this morning and said that his pleural effusion (fluid) around his lungs has gotten bigger. This then led to Leah basically saying that Beckett is not looking the greatest and really should probably be REintubated. Rather than just watch him struggle all day on VapoTherm and possibly just wear himself out…this is probably just what’s best for him. He needs to relax his breathing and fight off his infection (E.Coli), and then we can REextubate him. So, as mentioned about the fluid around his lungs, they have to take him off his blood thinner for a certain amount of time before they can “tap” his chest to drain that fluid. So that chest tube won’t happen until most likely sometime tomorrow. Where as Monday this was devastating, today is a different story. Though not ideal (at all), this was provoked by us and is really in Beckett’s best interest. Leah has a strange amount of peace about this, where as I am slightly discouraged once again. However, we really have complimented each other well throughout this journey. When I am weak, she has been strong and vice versa.

Thanks everyone (as always)…one step at a time.

— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at St. Vincent’s Women’s Hospital.

One thought on “March 9, 2013

  1. Doris Wallace says:

    When I see a new post re Beckett, I get excited to read it. When it is not the greatest, it simply means we need to crank up the prayers a bit. You guys are our heros. God keep you strong and trusting Him. Your neigthbors…Doris & Deb

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