March 28, 2013

UPDATE (3/28/13)
-Short and Sweet-

Today began with me, Leah, and both our mothers attending a class on how to properly maintain Beckett’s G-Tube “when we finally go home”. We really aren’t even close to having those conversations yet (of going home), but we just wanted to get that formality out of the way.

Leah left shortly after that for work today in Fort Wayne. This is her second day going back to work. It appears that she is handling it much better than last time, but if you rewind to “last time”, it was a terrible day.

Today has been an uneventful day….thank you God! I worked on my Thesis all afternoon while my mom and mother-in-law spent the afternoon with Beckett. My mom held Beckett many hours today and thoroughly enjoyed it (who wouldn’t?)!

Here are the medical updates:
– He is now already off of any new heart meds he was given earlier this week
– His Lasix is back to oral from IV
– He’s back on feeds and is tolerating it well
– His VapoTherm settings haven’t really changed much
– He’s got a very small plural effusion (nothing alarming at all)
– His lungs are looking better

Things to pray for:
– His heart is still considered “large”, so please pray for that to get under control
– Pray for continual Rest and Strength for Beckett
– Pray that while they wean his pain meds once again that it is done at a speed Beckett will tolerate
– Pray for continual healing!

Thanks everyone…”short-n-sweet”!


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at St. Vincent’s Women’s Hospital.

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