April 27, 2013

UPDATE (4/27/13)

Today has been a better day. It began with a great conversation with Cardiology. By “great”, I mean that we felt like we were able to clearly communicate a few of our concerns and felt as if we “had a voice” and were “heard”. Our ideas seemed to be acknowledged and carry some credibility as viable options that have yet to be considered.

Beckett continued to whimper here-n-there throughout the day, but the general consensus is that he’s withdrawing off his pain meds by continuing to build up more of a tolerance to them every day/week/month he is still on them. We plan to have a conversation with the well respected pharmacist here at Riley on Monday. He’s apparently the guru around here to figuring out healthy and effective wean schedules for babies. Other than that, he actually slept a while in Mommy’s arms and had a fairly calm day.

So, we just hang tight and will hopefully just enjoy a “normal” day tomorrow of enjoying Beckett and helping him through any withdrawal symptoms. This has been an issue we’ve seemed to constantly deal with at St. V’s (and even at Peyton Manning), and its a relentless plague until we can officially get all these pain meds out of his system once-and-for-all. This will take a while, so we continue to learn patience and trust God’s timing through it all (easier said/typed than done).

Please continue to pray for wisdom from the medical staff, patience on our part, clear communication, recent issues of house repairs, finishing my semester strong, Leah’s commute to work, and certainly Beckett’s complete healing! One day at a time (#ODAAT). #GoBeckett!

(Oh, and it’s Beckett’s 4 month old birthday tomorrow!! Yay!)

— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

6 thoughts on “April 27, 2013

  1. Diane Ewald says:

    Happy 4Months, Beckett!! You are 1/3 of a year old already!! Big Boy!! This grandma in Tampa is praying for you, Daddy & Mommy! Be strong baby boy…in the power of His might! God bless you all tonight. Diane Ewald

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  2. So glad that today was a better day for Beckett…which means a better day for you and Leah as well. Be assured of continued prayers while also counting on the groans of the Holy Spirit on Beckett’s behalf. Keep hanging in there.

  3. Sharon Grandstaff says:

    Happy 4month birthday Beckett. Praying for all three of you and for the medical staff taking care of Beckett. Also praying for Beckett’s complete healing. God will bless your faith and will continue to make Beckett an example of His power.

  4. doriew says:

    I remembered it was Beckett’s birthday and planned to tell him “Happy Birthday, sweetie, and may God give you MANY more months and years with us! On another note, Jonny, your dad mowed my front yard yesterday. Deb had mowed it a couple days ago but there
    were piles of dead grass everywhere since it was so long! Bless his heart, he ran his mower over and over and got rid of all the grass left behind. What a great guy! Neighbor D

  5. Thelma Wagner says:



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