April 28, 2013

UPDATE (4/28/13)

Today has been yet another good day! With that being said, lets dive right in:
They decided to wean the fentanyl again today. We voiced our concern and after discussing it, since they upped the methadone on Friday and he has gotten six doses since then, they explained that this is a good window to decrease the fentanyl and that we need to take advantage if it.

Also, he’s 11 pounds today!!! Yay! We need that to continue to go up-n-up-n-up!

My parents were here yet again this weekend, and they both had a chance to hold Beckett for a while. I’m glad they were able to do that, it had been a long time since either of them have. They, my family, along with Leah’s family have been a great help and encouragement to us these past (looong) 4 months. So here’s a sad attempt to give them all a quick shout-out as a thank you for everything! You guys are amazing!

Lastly, some of Beckett’s previous primary nurses from St. Vincent’s NICU visited today! It was so good to see them again, and you could just tell Beckett felt just as comfortable as always around them while they held and loved on him. They said how much they and everybody else over there @ St. V’s miss him, but then they said that they do appreciate not being the one poking and prodding him anymore. They are now actually allowed to hug and kiss him! 🙂

Whelp, that’s about it. Please pray for another good day tomorrow. I should be meeting with Bill, the guru pharmacist here to hopefully put together a good weaning schedule for Beckett. Also, Leah will be at work once again tomorrow…sooo, please pray that it’s a nice calm day for Beckett while she is gone so far away.

Thanks everyone! #ODAAT #GoBeckett

Oh, and happy 4 month old birthday, Beckett! I love you son!

— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

One thought on “April 28, 2013

  1. Child of God says:

    Praise God!!
    Praying…more Father, more!! And thank You LORD.
    How wonderful your parents were able to visit and hold Beckett, that must have been a real joy to them. And hearing these nurses come by to visit and love on Beckett, well that just melts my heart. 🙂

    Praying and praying for more good days and health!

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