July 2, 2013

UPDATE (7/2/13)

Where to begin?
I intend to keep this update brief yet informative…let’s see if I can actually pull that off.

Our day began by arriving at the hospital this morning at around 6:30am. We had a moment of prayer at around 7:00am, which was politely interrupted with the news that the O.R. was ready to receive Beckett. Sooo, the room cleared out, we kissed and loved on Beckett, and walked along with him to the Operating Room. Unfortunately, Beckett decided to say his “goodbyes” by screaming and crying. We then spoke with our surgeon, he explained to us his game plan, and we exited the room.

Beckett’s actual surgery was projected to be 2-3 hours long, with an hour before and after for prep and post. However, even though we sent him off at around 8:00am, he wasn’t done until around 4:00pm…and we didn’t get to see him again until around 5:00pm.

We spoke with the surgeon, and he said that everything went pretty smoothly…he just took his time. They did decide to do the Glenn (YAY!!!!!) rather than just a repair, which is fantastic news! He said that for right now he feels pretty good about everything…but tomorrow may be a different story. He said, “Ask me in the morning how I’m still feeling, and I’ll be able to give you a better answer.” There’s no real scientific measurement to this, but basically, every 12 hours that pass with Beckett “behaving” (key word) will help the confidence go up (obviously). But, basically, we will know how things are trending as the next few hours and days progress.

He seemed quite stable as we escorted family back to see him. However, even just a few minutes ago Leah and I were just in his room as his “numbers” began to “misbehave”. It wasn’t too scary at first, but let’s just say that eventually I had to leave his room to take a few deep breathes of air. You could just feel the room sloooowly escalating as nurses and the doctor began to speed up their pace a little. I didn’t enjoy it. But I certainly appreciated their care and attention. They later explained that incident as “moderate tweaking”. Here is where Leah and I are wired differently. She is now welded to to his bedside…whereas I am ready to try and call it a night, allowing the doctors and nurses to do what they do best. These little rollercoasters of “tweaking” make me nauseous…it’s like a 35 year old thinking they can ride fairground rides like they did as a kid…it’s not gonna happen.

Anyways, I’m not meaning to make light of the situation. I guess I’m just trying to judiciously explain the current severity of his condition.
– Surgery went well.
– Time will tell.
– “Tweaking” is inevitable.
– Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. (Psalm 30:5)
We are sooooo thankful Beckett was able to do the Glenn operation. That was a genuine fear of mine. The fact that our “conservative” surgeon felt like he was ready was amazing…and a huge answer to prayer!

We were showered with support and prayer today. It was amazing. My phone blew up all day with Facebook notifications, website comments, texts and phone calls. We can only continue to say thank you…but ask for you to hang in there with us. We aren’t done yet…not at all. Please….please pray that Beckett has an uneventful night and we are greeted with encouraging news in the morning.

Goodnight everyone. And thanks again!


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

5 thoughts on “July 2, 2013

  1. Thanking God that the surgery went well and that they were able to do the Glenn. Praying for Beckett to have a good night and that you and Leah will be able to get at least a little rest. Continuing with fervent prayers…way to go Beckett..keep fighting…we’re praying and God is at work!

  2. child of God says:

    Thank You Father!! Praying and praying for a smooth recovery.

  3. doriew says:

    Folks, I hardly slept last night, and every waking moment was spent asking God to hold Beckett’s hand and yours as you go through this scary time. We who have had multiple children with no physical setbacks cannot possibly know what you are going through. We only imagine. This news of yours is a true God-send. Years from now you will look back and see where God was leading and the purpose of it all. Meantime, praise the Lord for His
    unmerited mercy and grace. Anxiously awaiting further reports….. Doris

  4. marcia says:

    Thoughts and prayer have been with you all day. I couldn’t wait to get up this morning and find out how surgery went. I continue to pray for Beckett and ask Jesus for a fast recovery of his little body.

  5. Praise God! Continued prayers for healing and health for sweet, SWEET Beckett! Lots of love and prayers for you and Leah as well. ❤ The Taratuta's -Gaylord, MI

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