July 3, 2013

UPDATE (7/3/13)

Soooo….this will be brief, but I feel that you all deserve some news.

Yes, Beckett had some “tweaking” last night (as I mentioned)…but after the dust finally settled from all that, we were explained that these tweaks were not necessarily a sign of poor cardiac function, but rather an expected event following a procedure like he just had. The doctors explained that after that particular event was resolved, he felt much better about Beckett’s evening/night, at which we were greeted with favorable news that all-n-all, Beckett had a good night. Praise the Lord!

Sooo, that’s about it for now. We will certainly try to post again later this evening, but thank you for your patience yesterday for me to get around to typing out an update. They (the docs and such) are making a lot of changes today, and are hoping to get Beckett off the ventilator as soon as possible, so stay tuned for the results of these aggressive moves. They said that he needs to be pushed a little right now….and though that may be true, many of us know (by now) how Beckett responds to being pushed. He better behave! 😉


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

One thought on “July 3, 2013

  1. child of God says:

    Jonny, don’t fret about not getting in an update. We are praying for you all and normally no news is good news. 🙂 Glad to hear Beckett is doing well. Continuing to pray and pray for a quick, no nonsense recovery.

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