July 5, 2013

UPDATE (7/5/13)

Another great day! Our Physician seemed so pleased this morning, I had to prime him for the seemingly inevitable positive response by asking, “Soooo, what do you think? In your opinion, how do you think he is doing?” His response was, “Well…I think he’s doing amazingly well!” These are clearly very comforting words to hear from our new PICU Physician (who just so happens to be the head of the Cardiac Intensivists here at Riley).

They keep making amazing changes. For example, his fentanyl (that horrible drug) is already turned off!! They might even turn his milrinone off by tomorrow! He really is doing well….and we are truly so proud. Just as if I would assume I’d be if he just hit a baseball off a tee in his first t-ball game. I can’t help but smile when I think about his progress. They also took his PICC line out. Soo, the big bracelet of cables that weighed down his left arm is now gone!! He’s such a lil champ, and I cannot wait to take him home (eventually).

I hope you’ve gotten the chance to see the video of Beckett’s Dedication. It was certainly an intimate moment for us, our family, and (as you may have seen) some of Beckett’s amazing nurses. However, as intimate as it was, the intent is to declare and dedicate Beckett to God for others to see; that he is outwardly given/committed back to our God, but also a public commitment to raising him in accordance to our faith, the truth of scripture, and to know and spread the Gospel news of Jesus. Beckett’s story is not a journey of chance, it is a story of hope and the experience of power beyond this earth. We pray and hope that if eyes and hearts are still closed to what we know as truth (and I don’t mean to sound dogmatic, just confident), that this story may either be a tool that illuminates the Gospel, or at least plants the seed and directs you along the path of righteousness. As said before, this is not “hocus-pocus”, and I’m not trying to offend, just share our story and the evidence of God through faith (“evidence” and “faith” may sound ironic, but the dichotomy is beautiful).

We actually received news today that we may surprisingly be less than a month away from going home. That is literally unbelievable news, but amazing none-the-less! We continue to ask for prayer that Beckett continues to heal and recover. He’s doing sooo good. Your prayers are so consistent. And the support of friends and family (even those of you who I know adamantly disagree with our beliefs and faith) have been sooo encouraging…it literally brings me to tears! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!!


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

One thought on “July 5, 2013

  1. Wow…such an encouraging report! Beckett’s story and your lives are such a testament to our Savior. Way to go Beckett. Continuing to pray for Beckett’s healing and complete recovery (and that h-o-m-e will be in the near future). 😉

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