July 6, 2013

Hey everyone, I’m feeling much better. My parents can’t believe just how good I’m looking just a few days after the kind doctor fixed my heart. And to be quite honest, I’m a little surprised as well. I can tell that I’m not quite back to 100% yet, but I’ve certainly come a long way in just a few short days. Thank you for the prayers and support. It’s people like you that I cannot wait to meet someday and thank you with a great big smile. I promise to keep “taking it” one day at a time along with my parents. To God be the Glory! Hope to be home very soon!


4 thoughts on “July 6, 2013

  1. doriew says:

    Hey, little guy, you just get more handsome by the day! You must be the surgeon’s
    dream for a patient! We can’t wait to see your beautiful face but to have the honor
    of actually touching you! “To God be the glory, great things He has done!”
    Your next door neighbor, Doris

  2. Way to go Beckett! You look so awesome! Keep hanging in there – you are doing an awesome job of fighting to get your strength back and God is the one giving you the strength to do the fighting. Prayers and love going your way many times every day.

  3. Go Beckett! You are an inspiration!

    From Hudson

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