July 27, 2013

UPDATE (7/27/13)

We had a GREAT night last night. Yes, we had to get up multiple times to either administer meds and/or start/stop his feedings, but we can handle that as long as he doesn’t have his scary and sweaty meltdown moments. We are so thankful for your prayers, God is good!

He is still a lil cranky here-n-there, but he actually had a couple extended moments today where he just laid and played. He’s such a precious little boy, I just can’t wait for him to be able to handle being awake for longer periods of time and lessen how frequently he refluxes.

I must apologize for the lack of photos, because I want to begin posting some again…I guess the day just slips away from me to post any. We will soon. But on that note (kinda), though we still GREATLY appreciate the consistent prayers, support, financial support, and even the provision of meals…but I must share that daily posts may not necessarily be the norm going forward. We will certainly post as often as possible, but I would encourage the posture that “no news is good news”. You all totally deserve “news”, so I will reemphasize that if/when we can post, we will definitely try!

Additionally, I feel like the blue ribbons should be addressed. If you are/have been proudly supporting Beckett’s fight these past 7 months by tying up a blue ribbon in front of your house, feel free to officially take it down. We haven’t taken ours down yet (because it just feels kinda weird to), but I’m sure we will soon. Lets all take ’em down with pride as a representation of all God has done in and through Beckett’s life.

I’m hesitant to post about this because I’m not completely confident how plausible it is to pull this off. BUT, we are looking into a way to possibly offer some Beckett merchandise (like t-shirts and bracelets) on our website. So, stay tuned…we’ll see what we can actually pull off.

Also, Beckett turns 7 months tomorrow!! I can’t believe it. I’ve said it before, but these past few months have been the longest and quickest few months of our lives. We are so blessed, and have come sooo far!

My parents are here helping this weekend. Both my parents and Leah’s parents have been such a HUGE help. We have an amazing family!

And lastly, if you are interested in helping us out with some meals, here is the link:
Thanks again for those of you who have signed up. We truly…TRULY…appreciate it!

After re-reading this post, I did not mean for it to seem short. You all are amazing though…and Beckett is doing well. We are still just taking it one day at a time (#ODAAT).


3 thoughts on “July 27, 2013

  1. child of God says:

    Praising God that you are at the stage of less updates! 🙂

    Happy 7 month birthday Beckett! Praying and praying for you buddy. 🙂

  2. So very happy for your family and glad that last night (Fri) was a better night. We’ll keep praying…and certainly know and understand that you are busy and will post as you are able. Just so full of joy and Thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for the great things He has done for Beckett and your family.

  3. Shannon says:

    So happy to hear your night went well last night. I was praying for you all while I was up with my two little ones at various times in the middle of the night, too! You are not alone!!

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