October 5, 2016

UPDATE (10/5/16)

In short, they just informed us that they have to cancel Beckett’s surgery today and reschedule it. They had two emergency surgeries come in this morning that bumped Beckett back. Being that Beckett’s surgery is more “elective” (not critical), he gets bumped in situations like this. Dr. Brown (his surgeon) delivered the news to us himself and was extremely apologetic. Though he couldn’t be specific, he is hopeful that this will be rescheduled in days or weeks (not months).
So, I guess…..stay tuned. The roller-coaster of emotions continues. We told our surgeon’s assistant that we are disappointed, but definitely understand. This is the same level of care we would receive from Dr. Brown if Beckett was in critical care. So, hang in there with us. One-day-at-a-time.


2 thoughts on “October 5, 2016

  1. Jerriene Woodrow says:

    Our prayers will continue for Beckett. We have loved you from the start/

  2. Patsy Bryant says:

    Oh, precious Beckett and family,

    We are staying “in tune” to this part of your journey,…ever mindful of our BIG GOD who tenderly holds you moment by moment! All of the North Elementary family are sending their prayers,…and they are truly prayer warriors! Mrs. Betty Willman is also joining you in prayer. Know that we love you and are trusting in the Holy Spirit to minister to each of you in His tender way. We miss you, little Beckett man! Your cubby is waiting for you and so are the Vegetale books! Here comes a great big hug, sweetheart.

    Mrs. Bryant, the Bryant family, and your preschool friends ~

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