October 7, 2016

UPDATE (10/7/16)
Whelp…..it finally happened. Roughly 20 minutes ago we said “bye” to our son again (or, more accurately, “see-ya-soon!”). You’d think this would get easier over time, but I assure you it seems to get more difficult. The only thing that is easy is knowing the environment, the emotions are heightened each time.
Anyway, with all that said, they were going to be taking Beckett back around 9:00am, but it didn’t happen until around 10:50am. I’d be lying if I said that each minute after 9:00am a little more doubt was creeping in that this was even going to happen. However, it began to pick up steam around 10:00am, and eventually we began walking him down in this little red wagon. As we began to hand him off Beckett said, “Daddy coming?” Which didn’t help me contain my composure in front of the whole O.R. team. They wheeled him away and Leah softly said, “I thought I was ready for that.” 😕
Sooo….here we sit in the waiting room for the next 6-8 hours trying to occupy our brains with books, movies, games…whatever needed. There’s no turning back now.


3 thoughts on “October 7, 2016

  1. Cindy Holloway says:

    The Shepherd is watching over all of you and guiding the hands/thoughts of the doctors. Know that a multitude of witnesses are praying over you and the OR. Hugs!

  2. Mandy Cassidy says:

    Prayers sent up mow, and the past week, several times a day! Praying for your peace and comfort as parents, as well during his surgery. Love that little guy!

  3. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:


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