October 9, 2016

UPDATE (10/9/16)
Today has been GREAT! Slow-n-steady progress. He is certainly more himself, which has been refreshing. He’s a lil snarky and opinionated, but it’s been neat to see him speak his mind instead of merely agitated and uncomfortable.
We’ve been blessed again with more visitors today (which is always fun), and extremely thankful for the constant encouragement from you all online (and via text). He actually got to eat a little today, and at one point said that he’d like to leave to go back to school. Also, Leah was able to briefly hold him last night (with all the tubes and cables) while the nurses changed his sheets…which was certainly a treat for her. Oh, and as the picture shows, I was able to get him to smile (a little) earlier tonight. He’s cuddled well too, which certainly warms the heart!
He’s still not satting quite where they want him, but we think he’s improved a little and I think the medical team is quite pleased. In fact, he’s only had Tylenol for pain today (which is impressive for having open-heart surgery 2 days ago).
If you’d like to visit, just let us know (DM or text us), he’s enjoyed visitors. Otherwise, the encouragement from afar has been wonderful as well.
Lastly, some of you have provided food and even given financial again through our website….wow, that has been humbling yet again. I just wanted to take a brief section of this update to thank you for that….it has certainly helped with gas, loss of income, etc. Anyways, I just wanted to acknowledge that and say thanks!
Whelp, that’s it for now. I think we’ll still need to remain patient these few weeks, but we are encouraged that we are on the right track!


2 thoughts on “October 9, 2016

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    How wonderful to read this post and to see this picture…gotta love that smile! What a trooper (super hero) he is. Between you and me, I think super heros who went through open heart surgery are allowed to be a bit snarky. 🙂 Be assured of continued prayers for you all…Praising God for this report!

  2. Patsy Bryant says:


    Your preschool friends said they miss you!! Can’t wait to have you back with us! We love you!

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