October 10, 2016

UPDATE (10/10/16)
Beckett had an overall great day today. Upon arrival this morning they thought Beckett was potentially being transferred out of the ICU. They have to be kidding right? Well they are still changing over some medications and ramped up his feedings today so they want to give it another day or two before he transfers. We were able to see the surgeon today and he said he was very pleased and Beckett was actually doing better than he expected. He had an echo to look at the surgical repair and things look great! 
He was awake most of the day except for nap time which is so good. He spends most of his time watching movies, which will be a rude awaking once returning home. 🙂 We were able to play a lot and he was laughing and giggling just like he always does. 
This evening, however, was a little rough. He had a pretty big meltdown during his nightly dressing changed. Once he was medicated they let my mom and I hold him to help settle him down. While he did eventually stop crying and doze off a little, he still seemed uncomfortable. We washed his hair in the chair while being held and when we moved him back to the bed, meltdown number two began. Sadly when asked where he hurt he pointed directly to where his chest tubes and right atrium line enter his chest. He required a dose of Dilaudid to settle down and we were finally able to finish his bath. We got him all freshened up and tucked into bed and within seconds of turning out the lights he was asleep. 
Jonny went home today in ordered to put in a couple days work so my mom is here with me. Thank heavens, because Beckett likes to choose her over me. This is also a very good sign because it means Beckett is doing well enough that Jonny felt comfortable to leave. So please pray that he will not struggle being away. 
I just want to say thanks again for all the support we are receiving. We couldn’t do it without you!

2 thoughts on “October 10, 2016

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Sorry I’m just reading this post from the 10th. What an encouraging one – though later was a bit tough, but bless our little super hero’s heart…such a trooper he is! I marvel at what his little body has gone through at such a very young age! So wonderful you have both had your parents there. No matter how old we get we always need our parents who of course have the wonderful blessing of being grandparents! Keep hanging in there, we’ll keep praying. I know how tiring it can be from my experience so I also pray for extra physical and emotional strength for you and Jonny!

  2. Mandy Cassidy says:

    Remember to pat yourselves on the back now and again. You are a gift to Beckett. God placed him with you for a reason!

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