October 11, 2016

UPDATE (10/11/16)
If you’ve been following along this past week, you would have heard that I’ve been back home since last night. Naturally, I am much more inept to attempt an update, but Leah has her hands full this evening.
Everything is “ok” with Beckett, he’s just had a really challenging day. Each day he seems to become more-n-more “comfortable” with his environment (the hospital, the nurses, the doctors, the incessant beeping, all the cables attached to him, etc). With that said, he’s becoming more active while simultaneously being weaned off his pain meds. Unfortunately this may have resulted in some unintentional discomfort. His body is still healing, but the more he moves around in his bed, the more uncomfortable he will be (at least for a little while during these first few days/weeks). Don’t hear me wrong, they want him to “move” but he may have just overdone himself slightly. Anyways, in short, he’s been very agitated today…not really in the mood to talk to anyone or do anything. This can certainly be draining on a mother who just wants to see her son get better and not in pain.
So, that’s the “bad news.” The good news is that our surgeon stopped in again today and told Leah that he thinks Beckett is still looking good. Furthermore, I just got a text from Leah that they just took out his art line. For us non-medical people….it’s just one less wire hooked up to him. But, if curious, it’s a catheter that is inserted in one’s artery to help more accurately measure someone’s blood pressure in more of a “real time” manner. Also, they may be moving Beckett tonight….yet another agitating/tiring thing. Moving him is a good thing, however. It basically means they think he’s doing well enough to get him out of the CV-ICU to a step-down “Heart Center”…one step closer to going home. The tiring part I was referring to is that he hasn’t gotten much sleep today….and while Leah was able to get him asleep around 9:15pm (finally) they came in and woke him up to possibly move him. She’s tired, he’s tired/cranky…I think they all just need a good nights rest heading into another long day tomorrow.
We have a lot to be thankful for. The news I’m delivering could have been much more devastating. If you’ve followed this journey long enough, you’ve read some of the more devastating posts. Those aren’t fun to write. So, I’ll say (type) it again…we have a lot to be thankful for. Beckett has been doing really well, and everyone seems to be quite pleased with his progress. Nearing the end of this marathon, I think we just need some stamina and encouragement while we attempt to sprint through the finish line. We may still have another few weeks in the hospital, but that is nothing compared to months (like our earlier season).


4 thoughts on “October 11, 2016

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Did not see last night’s post, but was still praying fervently for Beckett and thinking of you all continually. (Will look for the post.) Happy to read this one even though our little super hero didn’t have the best day, but good to read he is still improving, though sore – and it is encouraging that the surgeons are pleased. Hopefully both Leah and Beckett (and you, too) will have a good night’s rest. Praying for you especially being away from your family. It is hard to be where your heart isn’t. Keep hanging in there and we’ll keep praying! Thanks for taking the time for updates!

  2. Patsy Bryant says:

    Loving you through this, and missing Beckett so, SO much!! Prayer warriors are lifting you up,..much like Moses’s arms were raised for continued victory in battle!!

  3. Jerriene Woodrow says:

    Our God is so good, my husband said the a wonderful prayer for Beckett, yesterday, it’s good to hear grandfather’s pray, it was from the heart and so endearing.

  4. Robyn Weilbaker says:

    Leah, your family has been on my mind heavily the last week. I didn’t know why. I dumped Facebook months ago so I didn’t see anything on your page. So I came here and now I know why I was thinking of you!!!! Wow! He’s so handsome. Seems like this is going much better compared to the first round. Prayers by for healing and comfort and some good rest for all. Sending hugs and love from Huntertown! We love you Beckett! Go buddy go!

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