October 16, 2016

UPDATE (10/16/16)
Beckett had a great day today. He spent the morning playing in the playroom with Jonny, myself, and my parents. He was even able to walk a significant amount while pushing a toy mower. He spent the evening playing on the floor with us, tickling and goofing around with Jonny and then playing “potato head” while watching Toy Story before bed. When I tried to take a picture he turned the potato heads around and told them to say cheese. He was so much more himself, and is gaining his strength back more each day. 
They have been giving him high doses of diuretics for the last few days and today his kidney function labs had doubled. So they dialed his meds back and have been watching his urine output closely. They aren’t overly concerned, but want to prevent an acute kidney injury, so they will look at his labs again in the morning. 
So the main road blocks to going home are the renal labs, making sure oral diuretics are working well rather than IV, and getting off the oxygen. Each day we see a little more of the sweet, fun-loving boy we know and are getting very close to taking him home. It is hard to believe it had only been eight days since his surgery. God has truly brought him this far, and we could not be more grateful!

2 thoughts on “October 16, 2016

  1. Patsy Bryant says:

    It’s Monday morning, Beckett!! Your little friends are eating breakfast right now,…and missing you!! We are SO excited that you have been playing and giggling and being just “silly!” Your Mommy and Daddy are ever so thankful for you! We are getting more and more excited to have you home and closer to joining us for some preschool fun!!

    Loving you,…

    ~The Learning Tree Preschool

  2. Jerriene Woodrow says:

    We praise the Lord for giving the doctors the knowledge and guidance to heal and send Beckett home with his Mom and Dad and a LONG LIFE. We have been privileged to follow this journey and hopefully encourage your family. Jerriene

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