October 15, 2016

UPDATE (10/15/16)
Today was a good day. Slow and steady progress. It began with being greeted from one of Beckett’s nurses who use to take care of him 3 years ago. She couldn’t believe how big he’s gotten and said that he’s cuter than ever! We love seeing familiar faces like that…it makes us feel all the more comfortable when we leave (for Lunch, or things like that) and “feeling heard” when we share our concerns and goals.
With that said, Beckett stood and walked a few times today. He’s getting better at it and more confident. We played a lot today too (again), but this time he had more playmates as his grandparents from Ohio (my parents) as-well-as a surprise visit from his aunt (Leah’s sister). So, it was another fun day of progress and games.
He is certainly more himself:

Quick(er) to hug

Quick(er) to kiss

More giggles

And reengaging his strategic mischief

….it’s been more the “Beckett” we’re use to seeing. Welcome back, bub!
Whelp, that’s today. Wasn’t too eventful, just one step closer to home.


4 thoughts on “October 15, 2016

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Yaaay and Yaaay again! Way to go Beckett! So good that Grandparents and Aunt got to see him on a more ‘active’ day, too! What a wonderful gift to have a familiar nurse. Thanks for taking the time for the updates, And THANK you, Lord for what you are doing in Beckett’s body and life! Prayers always…

  2. Holloway, Cindy says:

    Whoo hoo!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Bernadette Giacona says:

    I love all of you and feel like family. Thank you for all your updated information good and bad and I will continue to love and pray. Team Beckett

  4. Jerriene Woodrow says:

    We shared Beckett’s progress at church this morning, and there is always praise when it’s announced. We sang one of my favorite songs, also. “How Great Though Art”. and HE is.

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