October 18, 2016

UPDATE (10/18/16)
I apologize there was no update yesterday, but after suffering all day with a migraine, I went home and went to bed. Beckett too had a little rougher day. When I arrived he was wide awake and playing games with his nurse. Her first words to me were, “I think I see the real Beckett”.  
We spent a couple hours playing potato head on the floor until around 11 when Beckett got hiccups, which unfortunately can be very painful. This led to about a 30 minute coughing fit, lots of crying, and eventually a dose of dilaudid. (They stopped his ibuprofen today, which had been working well for him, due to his renal labs) By 11:40 Beckett was asleep in my lap on the floor mat. We got him into bed and he slept for almost the next 6 hours. 
In the evening, Beckett didn’t feel too much like playing so we rocked in the chair watching How to train your dragon. It wasn’t long until it was time for his nightly bath routine and then bed.
After what I can only hope was some much needed rest, today should be better. I am already at the hospital this morning and Beckett is currently sleeping very peacefully.

3 thoughts on “October 18, 2016

  1. Patsy Bryant says:

    Hello, Beckett!! How are you and Mr. Potato Head today? Have you been playing a little bit? Have you been able to ride in the wagon? Are you taking good care of Mommy and Daddy? 😀 We are all praying for you every day!! We love you bunches and bunches!!

    ~ Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Cassidy

  2. Amanda Cassidy says:

    I know you must be anxious for him to return home. You are strong and full of all the things Beckett needs! We are missing him at school. Some of the children ask about him and we let them know he’said getting better everyday. Thank you for taking the time to give us a glimpse into his day!- Mandy Cassidy

  3. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Unfortunately didn’t see this post till just now…Glad to read the ‘real Beckett’ is showing up. Praying for you all!

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