October 18, 2016

UPDATE (10/18/16)
If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been gone the past few nights. I went back home to get a few hours of work in, but now I’m back. I actually surprised Leah and showed up mid-day today. She thought I wasn’t coming until later this evening. It was quite nice though to have those few extra hours this afternoon with them.
Earlier this evening we were all playing in the “Play Room” with his mamaw and Leah’s Aunt Kathy when Beckett began to cough, which eventually led to him puking (sorry if that’s too graphic). Afterwards he leaned over to Leah and said, “Thank you for saving me.” I think it stunned her……I think our precious lil Beckett is “back.” 😏
Also, we have some great news! We are off oxygen support! Yay! We even had a visit from our actual cardiologists (he’s been out of the country), in which he is very VERY pleased with where we are at with Beckett right now. In fact, I think he is hopeful for us to be discharged within a few days (that is if Beckett continues to cooperate).
So, today was a BIG step in the right direction. We certainly don’t want to be discharged sooner than necessary, but we are obviously anxious to get home. One-Day-At-A-Time.


One thought on “October 18, 2016

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    What an encouraging report…puke and all. 😉 Praising the Lord with you that Beckett is doing so well, that he is off O2, and ‘becoming himself’ again. I know that seeing his cardiologist and hearing his assessment of Beckett’s progress helps your parental hearts rest a little more easy. Definitely way to go Beckett and thank you, Lord! Praying always…

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