November 15, 2018

UPDATE (11/15/18)

Beckett is doing okay…that’s the perspective we are trying to hold onto. At least things aren’t “life-threatening” right now. As many of you know, Beckett is a sweetheart…but today he was extra ornery (and not in the endearing kind of way). Perhaps it’s our lack of patience with this process…but today just seemed extra long and extra tiring. However, I will say the evening ended very cute. I drug Leah out of the room after we put Beckett down (she doesn’t leave often) and we shared some ice cream together. She said, “I should get back to him…he’s probably waiting for me.” Admittedly, she was kind of being facetious…however, she later texted me this:

Beckett’s awake. He said “mommy you’re back. I stayed up all night waiting in case you needed me”

…and in one swoop he nearly redeems the entire day.

From a clinical standpoint, Beckett is doing okay (as mentioned). The test they did last night (and then later I learned they had to redo it again around 3:00am) showed that his liver, gall bladder and pancreas look fine. This is good to hear, but still discouraging because we still don’t have any answers. We actually tried proving that Beckett didn’t need the oxygen support this morning, but unfortunately he failed that test. Within a few minutes his oxygen saturation levels dropped 10 points and his heart rate began to rise. So, they had to put it back on. That’s disappointing. Everyone wants to go home. We’re over this. But Beckett still has a cough and still needs oxygen. He hasn’t had another “gut-wrenching episode” for over 48 hours (which is why we admitted him in the first place), but now we have this oxygen dependency out of nowhere. So we wait, and wait, and wait. I’d like to say we might go home tomorrow, but honestly it doesn’t really even look like that may happen.

We appreciate the prayers, support, visits, food…you all have been great. Thank you so much. We’ll make it through…one-day-at-a-time.



5 thoughts on “November 15, 2018

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Bless your every loving hearts! I’ve been really praying for you all. As I read your updates, they take me back to his early days and his struggle and your waiting on doctor’s, test results, patience, healing, wisdom, answers, etc. It also takes me back to my own personal experiences with my oldest son and years later with my husband. And most importantly, I’m also reminded of God’s faithfulness to provide whatever was needed to get through. I’m sorry that you have to go through this. Praying for definitive answers, strength for you and Leah, Milo (grandparents, too) and a quick return to your home! Keep hanging in there and we will keep praying

    And what an adorable picture of your sweet Beckett! He has a smile that lights up my phone as easily as he lights up a room, I’m sure. Keep hanging in there and we will keep praying!

  2. Bernadette Giacona says:

    This puts the hell in my life in perspective. Please God I am begging you to allow a full healing Please Arch Angel Gabriel, Intercede and bring full recovery to Little Beckett. So many love him and actually are affected by his strength, and health. God Please bring this healing fast. We need a total merical. Amen.

  3. Mandy Cassidy says:

    He may not remember me, Mrs. Cassidy. But boy does he wiggle his way into your life! I think of him often. His sweet little self. Praying g for you all and of course, tough little Beckett.😊

  4. Patsy A Bryant says:

    Beckett Buddy,….what an “adventure” you are having, right?! I am sure the nursing staff and doctors think you are pretty special. They really enjoy seeing you…BUT would be ever so glad to have you and your Daddy and Mommy home! 🙂 Your amazing Jesus has you in HIS perfect care! Give your Daddy and Mommy a big hug and here comes one for YOU, too!

    Loving you, Little Man!

    ~Mrs. Bryant

  5. Aunt Raelyn & family says:

    XOXOXOXO – we love you little guy! Praying for quick healing. We are also praying for you two Uncle Jonny & Aunt Leah😊.

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