November 18, 2018

UPDATE (11/18/18)

This might not be the most “flattering” picture taken of our handsome little boy, but I had to post it because this is a picture of him during his nap today putting up some of the best numbers I’ve seen on him in days. It was encouraging. Unfortunately I think we may still have another day or two in the hospital, but I’m feeling optimistic that we should be getting discharged before Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to us!

We are so grateful for the progress (though slow-n-steady), friends and family, all the encouragement and support, and God’s healing hand.



2 thoughts on “November 18, 2018

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    One day at a time… Words of wisdom, but hard when we are in the midst of those days. Your little guy looks so peacefully adorable! Prayers continuing for you all!

  2. Patsy A Bryant says:

    Yay, Beckett Man! You truly do look peaceful in God’s hands as HE is healing you through and through! Loving you and your precious family,…and continuing to praise our Jesus with you as HE cares for each of you.

    Can’t wait to see you!

    ~Mrs. Bryant

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