November 17, 2018

UPDATE (11/17/18)

Well, we feel like we are finally trying some things. Thankfully (out of 20 cardiologists, or so) Beckett’s actual cardiologist, Dr. Schamberger, is back on. Everyone else has done well, but it’s nice to have someone back that knows Beckett and his history so well. Soo…as tactfully as we could address it, we asked if we can finally “do something.” We just feel like we’ve been sitting here for days waiting for a cough to pass (which isn’t really all we’ve been doing…but it just feels like it sometimes). So, they are actually going to try a different antibiotic and possibly a breathing treatment they have been dragging their feet on. They are thinking it’s possible Beckett’s original pneumonia was actually atypical, so while the antibiotics improved his symptoms it didn’t fully go away which might be why he is still having trouble. We are hopeful and optimistic that this will help. We really want to go home, but at one point they casually said something like, “let’s try this antibiotic for a few days and see how he’s doing.” Ahhhh! 😔 Sooo, it still might be a few more days. We really do need to get back to work. I’m falling behind on my duties, and when Leah doesn’t work, she doesn’t make any money (being hourly and all). Sooo, we’re stuck between wanting to be here for him and needing to keep employed and have a paycheck coming in. But, this is life right now and when we are able to take a step back we have to remind ourselves how thankful we are that Beckett is still here and these challenges are all we are dealing with right now. For perspective, the other day we heard them call out on the overhead speakers an emergency ECMO call (which is where we use to be 6 years ago…it’s basically “life-support” or bypass). Our heart breaks for what those families are working through right now. Those were some very VERY scary and draining days for us. That is certainly not where we are at right now. So again, thankful (with perspective) for another day with our charming little boy.

So, thanks again everyone. Thanks for the prayers…and, we’ll keep taking things one-day-at-a-time. Oh, and if you want to “give” anything financially, our giving page is still up on the HeartOfBeckett website….but certainly don’t feel any obligation. The prayers and encouragement is great as well. Thank you everyone. Truly.



2 thoughts on “November 17, 2018

  1. Sharon Crigger-Stokan says:

    Thankful for Beckett’s cardiologist being ‘on do now and the assurance that brings you. Praying these new antibiotics do the trick for you sweet boy and that you are home before Thanksgiving.

  2. Patsy Bryant says:

    Praying, PRAYING with you as you continue on this difficult road. Trusting, too, that your good Lord will grant you wisdom as to when to return to work AND to call those whom HE calls to stand in the gap for you and be with Beckett when you cannot.

    Loving you, sweet family…
    ~Patsy Bryant

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