June 26, 2013

Out on a Carriage Ride in downtown Indy with Beau (the horse) and my lovely wife! Much needed time together.


4 thoughts on “June 26, 2013

  1. Jeannie says:

    Perfect, Jonny!!! Good for you! You two deserve a loving time together. Early tomorrow (ungodly hour), Great Grand Uncle George and I head to Indiana. Our hearts and hopes and prayers will be with you as always, but even more so in the next days. I hope that things develop in a way that we can meet up with you and beloved Beckett after a most positive outcome after the 2nd. Auntie Jeannie

  2. Well deserved alone time…sounds wonderful…and so romantic. Big, big smile.

  3. Sandy Freeman says:

    Great idea, Jon!

  4. Valerie House says:

    Awesome idea! You both deserve a break and it is so nice to see you smile!

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