July 8, 2013

UPDATE (7/8/13)

Today was another great day. I’d say that Beckett was definitely in a better mood (overall) today than he has been the past few days. He still got grumpy here-n-there, but all-in-all, he was in a quite pleasant mood.

Officially, Beckett is OFF all his drips and is no longer needing all the different IVs and whatever the other lines are called. However, they won’t pull them yet until they are absolutely sure he doesn’t still need them; plus, they’ve told us that they typically don’t pull IVs if they are still “good” and usable. Being off all these meds already is quite impressive for Beckett, and it pretty much means we should be graduating to the Heart Center floor sometime within the next few days (possibly even tomorrow…but more likely Wednesday). This is so encouraging, and is a tangible step towards H.O.M.E. ……….crazy!

Leah’s Mom was down with us today. She helped us kind of declutter the home we are living in and actually pack some things up to send back to our house. As I keep saying, all of this is unbelievable. It’s exciting. Just hard to grasp. We always hoped this day (whenever it actually is) would come (to go home), but actually preparing for it seems like we are setting ourselves up for disappointment (that’s the pessimism in me). Yet at the same time, everything is pointing this direction.

Had a few great friends from Chicago stop by. Beckett behaved for the most part, but you could tell he was on the brink of getting upset because he was tired. He had been playing for a while before they got here, so when they did he couldn’t help but be social, which probably only wore him out all the more. It was nice though; after they left I was able to pick Beckett up (first time since his 2nd surgery) and sway him back-n-forth to sleep.

I’m actually back home in Upland again (just for the night), to unload some stuff, pay some bills, and get things kinda ready for coming home (again, whenever that day finally comes). It’s nice to feel comfortable enough this soon to leave Beckett, but I’m anxious to get back down to Indy with them.

Lastly, I cannot believe one week ago today we dedicated Beckett to the Lord. It was an awesome little “service” in Beckett’s room. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see the video, I certainly invite you to do so:
I hope you find it encouraging, as it has served as a huge symbol of hope and God’s faithfulness for Leah and I. Our little man is amazing…a true miracle baby…and we have an amazing God to thank for that. No matter how this journey truly ends up (and I truly mean that), God will and has received the glory….for great things he has done!

Thank You!!!


— with Leah ‘Whiteley’ Rupp at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

4 thoughts on “July 8, 2013

  1. Thanking God for his faithfulness and the strength He is giving Beckett. Keep hanging in there and we’ll keep praying.

  2. child of God says:

    Thank You Father for another good day and for more improvement.

    Praying and praying!!

  3. doriew says:

    What a wonderful and deeply enriching your dedication of Beckett was! You three will be used of God to bless and encourage others struggling with similar circumstances. Looking forward to each new day and serious progress for that beautiful boy!

  4. Cherie Short says:

    Jonny, Again,you don’t know me as I lived next to your mom and dad in their first condo. I have been following Beckett since his birth. I watched the Dedication Ceremony on line and cried – it was beautiful. Talked to your mom Sunday and we decided miracle is too weak a word to cover Beckett’s last week. Only through God do things like this happen. I know that but have been jarred into really “knowing” . God’s Blessings to your family. May you all get to go home together soon.

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